Friday, June 6, 2008


this sunday is yet again me and james' 5th anniversary of our "love at first sight".
cant believe i was hardly 18 when i met him.
to me i feel like he hasnt aged at all.
if that makes sense?
i feel the same way about his age like i did when i first met him?
me love him long time.

june 11th is my brothers graduation.
now him and his wife will be making 200k a year.

june 15th is karleens bridal shower/bachelorette party.
ha ha haha ha....
if you dare.

june 16th is karmos birthday.
shes turning 4.

june 21st mystery dinner in LA for karmos, jon milan, and renes birthdays.

july 3rd-5th my brother and karleens big debut wedding.
hahahah its gonna be fun.
1st time being a brides maid.
koreans and flipinos clashing at one wedding.
oh man.

july 16th my bornday.

wow fricking wow.

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