Monday, December 29, 2008

postually christmas.

aaaand just like that its OVER!
hmmm highlights...
ruben bot guitar hero world tour dual guitar set for the boys.
already put in about 60 hours on that.
its been the whole household affair.
my brother got me Lips for the xbox. funnn
james got left for dead and gears 2. fun
james had gotten me new tail lights for christiatmamata!@!$@#$!@!!!

the best biggest surprise.
well... actually hes pretty much on a 3 year streak with best xmas gift...
ive thanked him everyday since xmas eve... or everytime we walk up to my car :B
aaaand the coat i got him was too small... bummer...
but a new one is in the mail...
eunice being a kakaface surprised me with the bag ive been wantingg!!! thankyous!! i lava!
i received a small amount of gifts, however i love each one a lot.
this is about how james got me lights.
and we are all guitarherofeens.
hope yours was merry as mine :D

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


where the heck did that year go?
last year i was cozied up on chanelles huge couch eating greek meatballs...
only big regret i have is pretty much kicking myself in the ass for leaving school.
in honesty...
so stupid and naive! ugh!
its sad that i havent really progressed into anything amazing.
careerwise though.
but everything else is still dandycandy!
could have more dinero in the pocket...
but itll all change in the new year hopefully.
and my new years resolution is quite simple actually.
to get my tattoo done before i get used to writing/typing 2009...
that is if the old dakotas sends out their damn W2 asap.
and with everything crossed.
i surely better be able to enroll for the program this summer.
id be horrified.
anyways. the weather outside is frightful.
and i hope everyone has happy holiday shindigs to enjoy.
and old faces to see!
i cant wait to make my candied yams again...
and like every year...
i am beyond out of my wits wondering what james has gotten me for xmas...
(how unbelievably random this post was)
til new news to tell.