Thursday, January 29, 2009

highway chase dealio.

did anyone else watched the whole hour and something of that white trash crack head lady on the run in a empty uhaul van up the pch til she ran out of gas and actually tried to make a run for it AND attempted to hijack a versa but the doors were locked til she got tackled?

thats america for ya!

six flags aint got these loops.

uh. what?

Monday, January 26, 2009


updates that are importante:
me and james are moving!
moving to the valley!
kinda the valley.
i quit my job at arsi.
cuz that boss/owner is a fuckard.
im working with jesimaka and her mom.
im going back to school!!
this feb at pierce!
anyone with recent chem 51 or phisology books. hookmeup.
gonna go do respiratory therapy instead of blahtech.
thats at SMC this coming fall.
i want money so i can buy furniture!!!
im going ikea frenzic!
i want a new pup for boom but neither i or james would want to carry another responsibility like that yet...
most likely waiting for josh to get one really when he and ally moves in later...

fucking on the new right now about this animal hoarder man that kept over 380+ cats and dogs... only 10 survived when animal control intervened... WHATHEFUCK??? AND HE MADE BAIL!?!?!? BAIL SHOULDA BEEN A BILLLION DOLLARS!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so sick.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I hate when my awesome YouTube links go dead.... Uhhh nooooy ings!!

Go watch slumdog millionaire. It's the shit!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

snot fanny!!

oh dear childern...

Monday, January 12, 2009


might need some googling. tho there has been infomercials.
starting today. jan 11th.
josh james ally and myself have started the everyday 90days program.
cheryl and jorg has joined in as well.
were gonna be sliced up pair of couples.
all i have to say is...
its kicking our asses.
but its sooo gooodddd
we can only wait til april 11th...

chchcheck it out

Friday, January 9, 2009

video 365.

i would post a fave video everyday if i had no like what so ever.
but i do always share my faves!

the best.


When I'm into soemthing, I drown myself in it.
Recent plans of moving out with James has arisened...
The spot 85% confirmed.
FYI our dream spot since we both laid eyes on it 2 years ago.
Well since I already know the whole layout and such
And the blessed land owner who is carefree...
I cannot not stop thinking about varies ideas flying through my brain!
Premeditated visions of the bedroom, living space, and bathroom has left me with 3 hrs of sleep last night
And the unwillingness to concentrate at work.
Gah I can't wait!!!!
And by all means, I will see it to it being done...
Though slowly at first looking at our finances...
But if I can land that good job...
Visions that are forsurers:
Vertical striped paint on walls. Somewhere along the lines of grayblue to slate.
A 12 piece sectional collage for the living space. Most likely painted by luis aka graffiti.
And a grand toaster oven... Not much of a vision but that thing is super handy!
And hopes and dreams for a LCD tv.....

Hoping everything will spread smooth like butter...
Moving date?
I know!!

Ok that's all. Need to go back to researching. If anyone got home d├ęcor or furniture of any nature, I may just swoop it outta ur hands! :D

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Per Eunices blog : Carpe diem project 365

Fun!!! In a nutshell...
Take one picture anything to tickle your pickle of that day to cherish the moment at the end of the year with a sense of placement without losing a year rather gaining more vivid memories. Bloggings good but a picture says a ton... Me and Eunice and anyone else who would like to join this pact is welcome!! Better late than never... It's also a bonus for having the iPhone :B So bookmark me and tune in!

I've come to realize after fiddling, searching for iPhone application, and figuring out a flow of routine to uploading a pic everyday, I've decided to use Flickr. Since 95% of my pictures will be from my iPhone; Flickr has an option to email the pic to upload right from the phone with title and body captions. (amazing I know) Which eliminates emailing to pic to myself, downloading it to my comp, and uploading onto the blog. I'm still figuring out the option to also simultaniously updating the blogspot as well.. I did come across that option as well... Can't believe Flickr is free! So a-ha! There should be no excuse for me now...!!! Though I'm a few days short... Let's bring back the freshman in college take out ur camera and take pictures of every god damn thing again!

So here's another link to add to your sunny fanaticnaza...
Peace n hair grease.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

couch potato renewed.

rock of love tour bus
real world
housewives of OC
i know theres more...
ill update it...
its premier week anyhow...

Saturday, January 3, 2009


im very merry.
alittle bit too late.
but im merry
and i can be merry how ever when i want to wantings to be merries.
nikiesha said she was sugginling with vodka and lime
and i am doing the same
and now cranapple
cranapple is the best concoxionation everynations.
im glarrrrrrrrring at you...
i ordered your colgate toothpaste
the one with tarter control
and it