Monday, October 27, 2008

Prop 8.

remember slavery?
remember womens rights?

its gonna happen.
get over it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go figure.

the show paris my bff...
actually made me like her from -15% to about 7%..
isnt that strange?
i love how she just fuckin around with these dumbassses.
and watching her try hardest to be "real" witit.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cuz james is obsessed.

Best 80's party to date.

the lowdown:

-rubix cube that would stand by the bend of the walkway and pool. where youre fearing life as you try to walk between him.

-macho man and fellow WWFers

-bob ross

the best.
-darth vader from spaceballs. the best.

-easy e looking like easy e. but flipino...

-danielsan from karate kid. now looking at the pic... that guy's face look like him!

-jp in biker capris and rocking it warriors style.

-random short girl in a flannel and overalls with a boy cut dressed up in nothing but random
-fat girls dressed in torrid "80's gig" dropping jaws as james walked by. glared as i followed and then had the nerve to talk shit cuz they couldnt ever fit into my american apparel body suit. ah ha ha.
-2 types of micheal jackson.
-both asian.
-egged them on every time a mikejack song came on.
-free boozers
-garlic bread
-marinara pasta. BOMB!
-practically owning the dance floor.
-this gay guy tapping me and ally shoulders saying "hot outfits!"
-then "...and hot boyfriends"
-then gay guy getting allys number with joshs permission?
-creepy 80's laker basketball player coming up to me randomly saying "the next song is your song girl!!"
-never found out what it was suppose to be
-us getting wasted. well ally getting wasted. lol
-josh getting yet another injury.
-josh being called the oklahoma bomber...

-realized it was past 2am. and the party was still bumping?
-never meeting the owner of the house or birthday girl/guy?

gonna have to say it was a pretty good warm up for halloween...

and nobody wanted to go........

Thursday, October 16, 2008

UGH so disgusting..

-ly CUTE!!!!!!!

Head too Heavy

Secret Fan.

i like the smart car.
not so much the mini coopers.
prob cuz of the price and overrated appeal...
but this.
this makes me smile.

annnyyyy volunteers to lend me their checking account for about 10 years?


k. no more.
im getting discouraged...

Come one Come all!

i welcome toaster cars.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

on the flip side.

Dads Scary Gas

Dont Kill the Messenger.

sorry to bust all yahs yobama bubbles.
im kinda just throwing it out there
just so i have some leverage to reference to
after MCCAIN wins the election this year.
MCCAIN is winning whether 99% of the popluation votes yobama.
not that im a fan of EITHER parties whatsoever.
the fucking damn government is gonna do whatever the fucks they wants to do.
im really just saying.
and say yobama does get elected...
i bets hes more bad news bears than mccain...
end of the world as we know it folks.
stop reproducing infantry for WWIII please.
im VERY pessimistic about this election...
so very very...
youre welcome to kick my ass
if my words are nothing but spit on a camels hoof...
try stepping out of the little box americans so call "land of the free"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Smell BOMB.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Erry Frydais.

you wouldnt BELIEVE how hard i bump shit driving home after work...

and i dont hardly bump nothing anymores.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


(as would put it)

rocktober 10th bambi and lees bday event

rocktober 11th eunicies bday event

rocktober 18th some bboy event (where eunice will be kiosking)

rocktober 23rd chanelles bday event

rocktober 24th the wicked broadway event

rocktober 31st halloweenizy event triple bonus cuz its on a friday.

unfortunately my poorest month as of roctober 8th.

im gonna be broketober.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eunice: The Dream Hacker

dream one: something about going to the movie theater to watch some movie. but the ticket guy was gonna hook us up to this zombie movie. and he was like trying to keep it on the DL. and i was trying to figure out how much of a discount we were getting so i could tip the guy. but i was just staring dumbfounded at my iphone calculator as if ive never done math in my life. or operated a calculator. so i told eunice to go ahead first with the popcorn and hot dog to find seats since it was gonna start soon. so i think after a decade of trying to add things together i just gave him some money and went inside the theater. the seating was huuugee. and this usher boy guy lead me to where he sat eunice. and it ended up being like wayyyy in the back corner where we could hardly see anything. the movie was already half way finished but i guess it sucked so bad that ppl in the theater were just getting out of their seats and walking and screaming like they were zombies. so me and eunice just sat ate popcorn and watched the bros "kill" each other.


dream two: something about how i wasnt invited to this grand opening of this store or something. but desiree was. so she told me to come as the mayor cuz she wasnt showing up? so i wore weird jackie kennedy outfits acting like i was the mayor and shaking hands thru the party. then it got a little hazy i cant really remember what lead to what. but they were gonna cut the cake or some toast and desiree was trying to force me to do a speech for whatever reason so i was ducking her and trying to find eunice so we can leave. but something about vampires were crashing the party and it became this weird strung out party where ppl were high on something. and eunice was taken to a secluded place and those ppl accidentally killed her. and i somehow heard the news and i was on a mission to find where she was and find out who killed here while wannabe paris hiltons were walking around shopping like crazy inside the store and no one would help me. and then soon i had to go before i died myself and i left the party crying my brains out.

yeh... real fucking sad...

dream three: ok something about i was at home with james but eunice was in town so i went to go meet up with her at this place what was kinda like a movie theater but then it was a school? an auditorium i guess... when i got there the show eunice was going to stop selling tickets and i was outside by myself. but then i saw joel and he said he was taking pictures of the show and he had passes to let me in. so i get in but there are only like 10 ppl there scattered waiting for the show to start. and all of a sudden john mayor comes out and starts doing a concert. but he was like freakishly tall and lanky and his face was a bit characterized like those drawing at magic mountain? idk. so joel was taking pics. i finally spotted eunice and kiran. as if it was so hard to find them. and i went up and they were like totally memorized by john mayor. and i started watching and all i felt was guilt cuz james was at home and like i guess i felt like i should be looking at him than john mayer. and inbetween songs he'll stop and like talk to all of us. and i just kept getting flashbacks of james sitting at home playing call of duty.

so fucking weird.
dont ask me why.
these are pretty norm compared to the psyched out shit i usually dream about.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Can't get any more groupie than this.

sit yo dumbasses down.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i diiiiiiiiiiiiie.

these were stealofabargain.

and this is "H U S S Y"

[chanelle youre def right... online shopping does make it feel like presents.]
ok. so AMEX you are out of my life til christmas time.
cept halloween.
and THEN youre done for.
til christmas.