Friday, March 20, 2009

Extra Time.

i work about 10 days straight. and get one day off inbetween...
funny how i still feel myself drowning no money.
a tank of gas doesnt last me a full week anymore.
actually saying "i prob wont see you in the next 2 days" to james makes me angry.
how can i make my days MORE productive where i feel like im getting all this shit done and have decent time to myself and loved ones?
i feel like my agenda is not too hard...
but have changed a lot in the past month.
making a fierce attempt to see and be with my friends;
yet keeping things heavy with james.
its never even.
its either ones higher than the other.
ive asked for more activity in my life...
its here in my face...
and i just want to slap it away and cozy up in bed with james like i did the past 2 years.
basically im gonna have to blame the no money on my dishappiness.
i need more time or more money.
someone give it.

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