Wednesday, May 23, 2007


so close to drive by myself i dont want to do anything til then.
Apocalypto was really good. we enjoyed every scene. story was just as great as 300.
desiree is sure a life saver. LOVE her. lol love how we shared the harsh bluntness.
i cant wait til 2 years from now. like honestly i think thats when my life how i want it will start.
my own salary. my own new car. my own new tempur-pedic bed. lamo. newnew clothes. FURNISHING/DECORACTING. cannot waait.
but for sure for all that shit to get thrown into; new house/condo.
totally can happen and definitely will. best investment most of anyone can make.
i wonder how itll feel to be 24ish. that is just wacky to even think about its weird.
its like... o l d. :| then boomer would be 3. HAHAHAHA 3000 year old.
james would be 26. very intriguing.
but for now. everythings in the air. anything can happen.
i just hope my dummy car can make it til then. :P

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