Tuesday, May 22, 2007


i think the lack of getting to know new people has contributed to my lack tolerence for people who dont amuse me or impress me much. its quite interesting how the lamest people in this world can somehow gather together and form a massive lame bodies of humans. god how can anyone stand them. being forced to sit there and look at these "individuals" causes me to involuntarily cringe and feel sorry for MYSELF that i am at that moment im being punished to experience total lameness. which brings me to completely despise when lames try to mix themselves with decent people that causes those decent people to be drenched in their lame stench. worse of all is when someone decent COMMENTS on ones lamer about something completely unanimously disgusting for no reason at all. except maybe to, by god, boost their self esteem for no good reason. all that leads to is a brave lamers laming without fear.

i think i just hate ugly people who matches their insides.
i think i hate people who are completely useless in my life.
i think i hate people i dont care for being active in my life.
i think i need to meet better people.
though im good where i am at right now.
feel free to replace the word "lame" with "whore" too.

keep my name out of your lame mouth.
no you dont know me.
yes you are lame.
for whatever reason if your offended
even if you dont know who i am,
sucks to be a lame.
LMAO. thanks.

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