Tuesday, June 5, 2007


this friday 4 years ago.
love created my story.
doesnt feel like 4 years at all.
but looking back to all we've both been through,
how we changed,
how we love.
so amazing.
so right.
so glad im not part of the beer guzzling, sloppy, beat down, letting loose, groupie hoes, bf jumperhumper, sloppy seconds, getting old, girls.
cannot express that enough.
aaand money says ill look 25 when im hitting close to 35.
booyah the benefits of asianess, no smoking, less than moderate drinking, and clear, smooth babies bottom skin, yo.
oh. and daily usage of the gym membership.
im feeling great.
gotta give it up to the sexist 6'1" part of my body...
jamesdeanbanaga. <3

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