Saturday, June 30, 2007

Right Now?

working only the weekend is gonna murder my bank account.
quizzes everyday makes me procrastinate.
tho im doing fairly well outta luck.
schools awesome though.
strange how my classroom will be the same room for the next 2 years,
along with all the people in my class.
besides the ones thatll fail out or drop.
the teachers say "goodbye to your social life"
i say "good thing that shits at home"

OH which reminds me, that i finally brought that up to my mom.
flipped out for a good 5 mins, then continued to talk about my brothers shit.
being the youngest rocks. almost too much.
whatever, at least my moms bending with the things of the world lately.
at most shes always there.
unlike whatshisweakassface.
some daughter support in cash WOULD be helpful.
but then again, dont want anything from that man.

no plans yet. :(
last years extravaganza was the shit.
but those neighbors are in a middle of a separation this year.
sooooooooo boo.
something oughtta come up.

July 16th.
i dont WANT to turn 22.
but i do want an all eyes on me partyy with everyone that cares!!
best thing about birthdays.
special guest appearance by
good lord i havent seen that lady in 2 years.
havent spoken a word in 1 year.
good thing is that nothing has changed.
no huge conversation of huge events passing our lives.
cept turning 21.
shes with her man still, me with mine.
and so she will be there.
along with co workers, new friends, old friends, my friends, james' friends and if desired your friends too. (just none of those lamers referred in my Lame blog.)
it could work :D lol
of course i had to have both my finals that week...
but partyson after all that shit.
then i have fulltime clinical. HAH

location NOT definite, but prob at CANDLELIGHT.
since my boss has amazing connections with that place.
i really want it at Chapter 8 tho. its cooler over there...
but cover charges are lame.
ill figure it out.

before that...........
what the heck am i gonna do with my hair?
appointments on tuesday and my hairs basically a blank easel.
surprise time. aka impluse will take over.

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