Tuesday, July 10, 2007


someone create AI already.
you kno...
moving outta california later in life doesnt sound too bad.
looking at rent/home prices around here are retarded.
fuck hollyweird and LA disease.
i want a homey home with a great education system and plenty of work.
surrounded with down to earth positive people.
sick of the bullshit fakeshit blinding everyones mental issues.
i fucking hate studying,
it actually pisses me the fuck off.
comes to remind me...
i talked to my dad last nite.
fucking asshole.
im just gonna blame all my problems in life on you.
and i mean ALL.

james is so funny.
recently hes been the sweetest of the sweet nectar of love.
and hes making me blush with all the little sweet thoughtful things hes been doing/acting.
calling me to see if im hungry everytime he goes to get food.
off the wall sublet kisses on my forehead.
knee touching at dinner...
what is more strange is that i didnt ask for this "change".
if he aint perfect for me...
just let me vanish from life now.
theres nothing without this man.

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