Thursday, July 5, 2007

Post 4ther.

i've never been in ass to ass traffic on kanan.
maybe it was a bad idea to go to the beach for the 4th...
however the ocean, weather, sun, and cheeseburger was prefect.
drained my energy being in the ocean for like 20 mins.
my ear drums were hurting from the crashing of the waves.
the current and waves were so strong!

totally got sniped by like 4 seaguls cuz of james corndog.
i didnt even see it coming.
one sec i was there with 2 corndogs and a burger.
next sec i was ambushed.
one corndog down.
theyre getting too good at that shit.

basically beaching it til 7.
everyone was already at ethans.
and to my surprise th neighbors were going to have their fireshow.
too bad it was the last since theyre selling their house...
but still spectacular as always.
he had these fan ones that spread through the air...
mi favorito.

a lot of people showed up. everyone was there.
corona last nite never tasted so good.
i love the summer nights.

now if i could love studying just as much...
if that. :|
shot my first xray today.
im too young for this shit.
but never too young to make the dinero.

transformers tonite.
heard plenty of greatness.

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