Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dont Kill the Messenger.

sorry to bust all yahs yobama bubbles.
im kinda just throwing it out there
just so i have some leverage to reference to
after MCCAIN wins the election this year.
MCCAIN is winning whether 99% of the popluation votes yobama.
not that im a fan of EITHER parties whatsoever.
the fucking damn government is gonna do whatever the fucks they wants to do.
im really just saying.
and say yobama does get elected...
i bets hes more bad news bears than mccain...
end of the world as we know it folks.
stop reproducing infantry for WWIII please.
im VERY pessimistic about this election...
so very very...
youre welcome to kick my ass
if my words are nothing but spit on a camels hoof...

try stepping out of the little box americans so call "land of the free"

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