Saturday, April 21, 2007


loved it.
hated all the walking but that was unavoidable.

California adventure was pretty cool. the hotel tower was the best ride in the whole park including disneyland. i dont like the new space mountian. was just a huge rave inside. the old one was way better. pirates of the caribbean was cool. jack sparrow looks really real. think theyre holding johnny depp as hostage. i forgot all the rides there so i was surprised and got pretty scared at some points of the rides. indiana jones, star tours, and the flight across CA were fanatasic.

its been a minute since i been there. i think last time i went was gradnite. then swore to myself i wouldnt go til i had a wonderful boyfriend. now that dream came true since thats what disney is all about. hahaha going with jorgine (james sister) jade (jorgines daughter) cheryl (james' mom) josh (james' twin) and one day with desiree (my bffl) made things all worth while.

jade who turned five this friday was a pretty good champ. walked the whole two days we were there. had only a couple of fits but those were taken care of real quick. jades a pretty dope five year old. shes a character fosho. her mom was just on a mission to enter into EVERY store/boutique as some kind of intense mission as cherly was dying for the oversized corndogs.

pretty much kinda rained on us on friday but we bought ponchos like EVERYONE else at the park and toughed it out. didnt really mind cuz the longest wait was about 40 mins. and the fastpasses helped a grip load too. we covered a lot of the park. but felt like we missed a "land" but we were done "banging out" all the worthwhile rides. those kid rides are definite acid rides. trip out.

the fireworks: FUCKING AMMMAZING!!! loved it. totally got wowed outta my mind. outta everyones. we're talking about how insane disney would be like when we're all old and bringing our kids there. wow to top themselves. a big wow.

other than that... enjoy some of the pictures.

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