Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gold's Gym

everyones doing it.

hahahah well james and his friends all switched over to Golds from the puny gym simi valley work out. feel bad for the gyms out here. its like that whole dogdeball gym thing. hahahah i wonder if its true. anyways just found out that desirees 24 hr gym membership has been cancelled. now that the both of us are totally out of shape and that summer is just around the corner; itll be great to go together. whoo hoo. its weird. i apparently lost weight and all my old jeans dont fit at all anymore. i havent noticed. others have sure had but i think if i was to hit the gym itll be better. i really need to get into shape. last time i was all fitted was about a year and a half ago. gross. well at least im not like over 27 and fat mushy and pale. never will there be a day for that shit. disgusting. ok so let me know if you go there too. since its a club disguised as a gym. :P

ps. if you see guys breakin in the rooms. the one with the longer black hair is mines. LAY OFF YAH FUCKS. pahaha not necessary. but i like to add it just for kicks. til next time, yo.

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