Wednesday, June 25, 2008


sorry if you were counting on some word action.
but im either too busy or too lazy to throw some around.
the wedding is in NINE DAYS!!
i pray for awesome weather and great music.
finding out my dad was going to the wedding was weird.
cuz my mom and HER bff are werid.
ok uhm i also pray for no weird shit business going on too.
im realllly excited for 3 days of disneyland celebration for my birthday.
for selected reasons:
itll be desiree. eunice. and karmo.
staying at the disney hotel.
drinkdrankdrunk action.
taking pictures of every crevice of that park.
being 8yrsold again with bffl.

for the actual festivities of my day of my moms labor...
im not sure how im gonna include eating, dancing, drinking, and batman all together.
but as soon as the showtimes of that deng movie comes out, itll be alot clearer.
itll be nice.

meantime regal costco tickets are bombees.
2 for 15??
why didnt i utilize these before.
get smart was pretty darn hilarious and entertaining.
cant wait for wall-e.
i want to see hancock.
and hellboy2.


no more 100+F weather.
pls. no more.

1 comment:

electric eunice said...

1. i am SO excited for disneyland :)

2. um YAH get smart BETTER be bomb, i can't WAIT to see it!

3. hell yes. costco movie tickets are the way to go, my dad discovered that deal and we've been hitting movies everytime i come home :)

4. i miss you! and 100+ weather is horrible in riverside so TRUST ME, i feel you!