Thursday, July 10, 2008


my mouth can endure 8 Novocaine shots without getting numb.
still felt enough pain to squirm.
ill bare you the details.
but from 10am to 1145am ive been shot up all around my mouth/gums.
dentist told me that ill prob be numb all day.
at about 1230 i was pretty much back to normal...
fuck you wisdom tooth! you win this round...
good thing i dont do drugs.
intervention anyone?
novocaine addict righhhhht huurr...

and so murphys law...
i got a slow leak in one of my tires.
took it over to toyota/scion.
told me its non fixable.
so im about finish spending money on shit i dont want to spend money on.

and i "failed" an online survey at lens crafters.
i think they want wiennies to work.
and i aint no wienny.

this weekend i will be enjoying 2 perhaps 3 disneyland extravagant fireworks at night.
mmmm disney corndogs!!

batmannnnnnnnnnnnnn sooonn!!!
and that 500pm showing that im watching at is apparently sold out.

okie gotta go swipe the life out of my credit card...

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