Monday, July 14, 2008


the last time i went was with jader for her 5th birthday last april. it was the fam in a hotel for one nite and we went to california and disneyland. it was pretty fun besides the scattered showers which didnt stop us or anyone else for that matter. we basically raced to every ride just to enjoy a little girls heart melt with imagination and wonder. after that i felt that disney is really for the kids.... i cant really understand why teens and older are still "all about that" since we've basically seen it all.


desiree got a almost all expense paid trip to disney for 3 days like i have been raving in my past posts. at first when she invited me i was reluctant because i couldnt see the fun in it. that fact that it was very close to my birthday i thot id let myself have that vaca and live it up. besides, the idea of vodka + disney triggered my attention.

so the day has finally arrived and we pick up a box of coronitas (cuz they were on sale which benefited us later which ill get to) and headed out to anahiem with no real rush since we had 3 days to spread. get there around 1 and butterflies started to flutter... that same feeling when you were young heading to any amusement park. couldnt check in til 3 so we jetted to toy story mania to finally experience what ive been hearing so much about. the line was 45 mins long even tho it was a constantly moving. when we sat in the coaster and started the ride i TOTALLY felt like those disney commercials where the parents morph into little kids with their children. but it was me and desiree age 8. with the goofiest grins and hysterical laughter at the end of the ride we couldnt help but look at each other and laugh.

the rest of the nite was a drunken fun at dinner and disney. PS if you went on space mountain when they were having that whole red hot chilli pepper transformation where the ride was nothing but a lame rave inside; THEY CHANGED IT ALL BACK TO NORMAL!! almost pissed my pants outta happiness. that rave thing was HORRIBLE! ugh.

next morning eunice came down to enjoy the fun. felt unstoppable. we planned the day around earhats, corndogs, face painting, a whole lotta eating, drinking, and fireworks. one particular time of the day was when we went on tower of terror and we all were holding hands screaming for dear life. my god i cant believe that is a childrens ride... we went on toystorymania as single riders cuz we were on the ride within minutes. still the same excitement.

end of the night james and gonzalo (desirees bf) came cuz we had more extra disneyland tickets for them to come sunday. all of us and few of desirees coworkers hung out til we practically collapsed. it was kinda weird sleeping in the same room with desiree and eunice with james... but too tired to laugh about it.

woke up. got ready. checked out. enjoyed the storyertellers breakfast buffet. and heading to get some rides under our belts. space mountain shut down right as we were 2nd in line cuz some dumb mother somehow lost her purse INSIDE the ride. gayed. really wanted to show james that ride. james got an ear hat AND facepaint with me. kudoos! his wasnt on his face but of a snake on his arm. so he can be called jake the snake. hahaha finally got to toystorymania but decided it wasnt worth waiting an hour JUST to ride so we went singles again. however james missed his ride he was suppose to fill unaware thats what single riders do, i was able to ride it with him. ;)

the hooves were aching we didnt really stay for the fireworks. tho they were going off as we were leaving. all in all the trip was fantastic. i got those birthday pins towards the end of the trip but it still made me feel uber special when employees went out of their ways to wish me a happy bday. :D much thanks to desiree for the free trip and all my ear hat and face painting and food that she bot me. love you plenty. it was a good weekend.

pictures later...

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