Thursday, July 17, 2008


opening my eyes that morning realizing today is ONLY MY DAY.
hahahaha its fun to pretend you rule the world.
i kinda just hung out til james got home from work so we can head to 1988 on melrose to see the kurt halsey gallery.
it was cute. quiet considering it was just us...
i brought my camera with no memory stick.
kinda want to hit the street for some shopping anyhow.
next to sportie la... (not sure if everyone already knows this)
but theres this pizza joint called Tomato Pie.
we went in clueless.
first thing we see is a buffalo style pizza...
blue cheese, buffalo sauce, red onions, and chicken.
bluecheese and buffalo is like peanut butter and jelly to me.
but the "pies" were those paper thin pizzas
whereas i love the thick half crunchy and half saucy zaza's...
took a bite and was in LALALALALALOOVEE!!!
totally did it for me.
i remembered chanelle telling me about this tea place there.
but forgot what it was called and where it was. ohwells.
so on a mission to find a top for my outfit for tomorrow night...
i was in the search for a long tshirt top that was NOT bland and a "me shirt".
seriously was sick to seeing those long shirts that are baggy on top but tight around the hips everywhere. so tacky and so hollywood basque-ish. gag.
went into this store called Foreign Exchange.
whatever that store is...
and something FINALLY worthy caught my eye.
james being sugardaddy for the day was paying for it but their "new system" wasnt reading the skew so it was this ordeal.
which this asian guy was trying to fix but was so nervous that made us uncomfortable and nervous...
i started to look around the shop again.
where i foundddddddddddddddddd
ta da!!!
a tshirt with a drawn vest.
BUT its a cooll one!!
brought it over to james to show him so he can laugh...
and realized that i actually really like this shirt and it can actually work!
so adding to the collection #4 :)
yayy for clothes!!
which shirt to wear is a big question.........
pretty pointless to read all that i guess...
but so what.

uhm. i want to watch batman NOW. or actually in 6 HOURS TOOO!!!!
we all do have tickets to see it in 24hours.
so. im just gonna have to deal.
hah. :T

thank you for alllll the texts and phone calls yesterday.
made me smile all throughout the day.
and when my phone rang midnite-ish
i immediately knew who it was.
:D xoxos EUNICIE!!!!

gonna go walk the puppers now....

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