Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i know its really bad not to eat breakfast.
but what if you dont eat for lunch or dinner.
am i a self proclaimed anorexic simply because i forget to eat meals?
and that i can withstand hungry pains like sore muscles?
is it sick that i dont really enjoy eating anymore?
unless its something well craven for...
money saved on food can buy cute clothes, right?
btw eating alone is a bummer.
so if i dont have any company or any someone else mentioning food,
honestly doesnt cross my mind.
im literally shrinking...
and i know its not healthy.
but its hard to hate
that your pants are fitting looser...

there is ONE thing i want to eat bad.
and that is pho.
go figure.

1 comment:

electric eunice said...

OH my goodness, really>?!>

:( don't loose anymore weight or else you'll dissappear!

and 8 cups of coffee and 22 chicken baja burritos please!!!!!

i lava you!