Thursday, August 21, 2008

Video Games.

if you were not informed,
the household has been on a wii binge.
apparently designing miis is only really fun for the guys.
all the girls look pretty generic and not as spitting images as the ones we made of ruben and james.
haha and my brothers friends too.
anyways well it started with wii sports.
then mario kart. which is a good one.
then wario smooth moves. since we're all wario fanatics.
then rayman 2. that has fun mini games for the ADHD folks.
then i think trauma which is wayyy too frustrating. we've given up on that one quick.
now were on cooking mama (which is a lot better than on the DS)
and mario party takes a long time. but it can get pretty strategic if you play smart.
we're hoping for boogie and bust a move next.

nintendo NEEDS to make a NINTENDO-LAND!
i swear to goshness itll pull in a lot of money and the people will LOVE IT!!
lego land blew it.
but if ninetendo can make it futuristic with the tech they're on right now and twist it up... with mario, princess, toad etc characters running around.
ppl walking around with their wii-motes.
they can really be up there with disney.
COMEONE JAPANN dont be lazyy... DOO ITTTT!!!
you all KNOW itd be the shit.

other than that im pretty much addicted to the gameboyadvance mario brothers the 1st one.
i cant pass level 19.
and bloons on
im on level 42.

iknow. im total video game binging.

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