Tuesday, August 26, 2008


sad sad sad night 2 nights ago...
too much action always happening at cochran and chandler once again.
the banaga family was inflicted.

some 50yr old man fell asleep at the wheel at about midnight sunday night/monday morning and slammed ONLY into joshs car parked on the street.
cheryl thought she heard a gun shot.
everyone else oblivious playing games and watching tv.
cops ran the plates and coincidently ruben was watching all the action unaware that it was joshs car across the street slammed into totality.
the old man was taken to the hospital.
cheryl yelled upstairs.
i processed the news.
shoved josh out the door saying "your car.... crashed... GO!!"
poor poor car.
lived so many trips and so many memories.
josh ally ruben cheryl james and i just watched as the tow truck dragged it up and out of our lives forever.
scary that i was going to park in that EXACT spot til i found a heaven sent parking space.
crazy that ally was parked RIGHT behind joshs car.

byebye rabbit car.
byebye jeep.
byebye 4JUG776.

you will be missed.

and the jorg rear ended someone the following morning.

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