Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Per Eunices blog : Carpe diem project 365

Fun!!! In a nutshell...
Take one picture anything to tickle your pickle of that day to cherish the moment at the end of the year with a sense of placement without losing a year rather gaining more vivid memories. Bloggings good but a picture says a ton... Me and Eunice and anyone else who would like to join this pact is welcome!! Better late than never... It's also a bonus for having the iPhone :B So bookmark me and tune in!

I've come to realize after fiddling, searching for iPhone application, and figuring out a flow of routine to uploading a pic everyday, I've decided to use Flickr. Since 95% of my pictures will be from my iPhone; Flickr has an option to email the pic to upload right from the phone with title and body captions. (amazing I know) Which eliminates emailing to pic to myself, downloading it to my comp, and uploading onto the blog. I'm still figuring out the option to also simultaniously updating the blogspot as well.. I did come across that option as well... Can't believe Flickr is free! So a-ha! There should be no excuse for me now...!!! Though I'm a few days short... Let's bring back the freshman in college take out ur camera and take pictures of every god damn thing again!

So here's another link to add to your sunny fanaticnaza...
Peace n hair grease.