Friday, January 9, 2009


When I'm into soemthing, I drown myself in it.
Recent plans of moving out with James has arisened...
The spot 85% confirmed.
FYI our dream spot since we both laid eyes on it 2 years ago.
Well since I already know the whole layout and such
And the blessed land owner who is carefree...
I cannot not stop thinking about varies ideas flying through my brain!
Premeditated visions of the bedroom, living space, and bathroom has left me with 3 hrs of sleep last night
And the unwillingness to concentrate at work.
Gah I can't wait!!!!
And by all means, I will see it to it being done...
Though slowly at first looking at our finances...
But if I can land that good job...
Visions that are forsurers:
Vertical striped paint on walls. Somewhere along the lines of grayblue to slate.
A 12 piece sectional collage for the living space. Most likely painted by luis aka graffiti.
And a grand toaster oven... Not much of a vision but that thing is super handy!
And hopes and dreams for a LCD tv.....

Hoping everything will spread smooth like butter...
Moving date?
I know!!

Ok that's all. Need to go back to researching. If anyone got home d├ęcor or furniture of any nature, I may just swoop it outta ur hands! :D

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