Monday, January 26, 2009


updates that are importante:
me and james are moving!
moving to the valley!
kinda the valley.
i quit my job at arsi.
cuz that boss/owner is a fuckard.
im working with jesimaka and her mom.
im going back to school!!
this feb at pierce!
anyone with recent chem 51 or phisology books. hookmeup.
gonna go do respiratory therapy instead of blahtech.
thats at SMC this coming fall.
i want money so i can buy furniture!!!
im going ikea frenzic!
i want a new pup for boom but neither i or james would want to carry another responsibility like that yet...
most likely waiting for josh to get one really when he and ally moves in later...

fucking on the new right now about this animal hoarder man that kept over 380+ cats and dogs... only 10 survived when animal control intervened... WHATHEFUCK??? AND HE MADE BAIL!?!?!? BAIL SHOULDA BEEN A BILLLION DOLLARS!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so sick.

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