Thursday, September 4, 2008


i dreamt of this thai high salad at my work last nite.
i mean its a bombie salad.
and the past 2 times that i worked i was planning to get it at the end of my shift.
but always decided against it cuz i didnt want to waste money.
hence my dream about ordering one and separating all the ingredients, i dont know why.
one futuristic day,
when good movies are redone horribly or fanastically twelve times over,
by then hopefully,
technology has reached the point of being able to visually record dreams
to have THOSE as blockbuster smash hits.
that would be amazing.
and may the best imagination and brain waves win.
cuz you really cant make up dreams.
unless you have lucid ones.
and lucid ones should only be comedy.
im sure some twisted scary movies will arise.
then im sure some old hollywood ppl would remake ppls dreams into movies.
too bad it wouldnt be the same or real as the original.
tho tech can be super tech by then too.

shit. fuck.
who even knows we'll have movies til then.


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