Friday, September 26, 2008

Wants right now.

wanting it to be sunday so i can use this 25% off coupon from active cuz ive already picked out 4 effing cute items that are already 60% off.
wanting to go watch wicked out on a limb this weekend. (prob wont happen)
wanting to go to the beach cuz summer apparently will never leave.
wanting to throw down some cold beer this whole weekend.
wanting to give my brother his chuck norris book i got for his bday.
wanting a mild chemical peel with an hour long massage and eye brows waxed.
wanting nail polish that will NEVER EVER chip. well at least the whole first week.
wanting to be in and over school already.
wanting someone else to wash, scratch that, detail my car.

fucking someone GIVEME!!

at least its m'fucken fridayyy!!!!!!
thats definitely goings on.

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