Saturday, September 27, 2008


ive came to realize that for quite some time me and james had transitioned into those couples that like to talk to random folks when we go out.
traditionally when couples first form,
they go out but they go out to be with themselves.
nowadays conversations are quite intriguing/interesting when the right strangers chime in.
yesterday at this random sushi bar we went into to just drink,
sat next to this man and told us about this cold sake he drinks.
gave us a sample.
and by golly... the smoothest clean sake ive tasted.
hence the 40 bucks a bottle.
he described it as "raindrops off mt fiji".
somewhere along those lines...
then he informed us that that joint stays open til 4 on sats.
and this other fine dining steakhouse in LA thats opened 24hrs.
as well as this tequilla bar we should try out on sunset.
i dont know i thought its neat when strangers to strangers can be so informative in an unexpecting way.
i think all we told him is that simi is a dead zone.
i also think its funny how situations like that,
you tend to introduce yourselves after the convo is pretty much over.
ever notice that?

definitely somewhere i am planning to splurge on one of these 3ams...
if i ever needed a crrrazy night out.

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