Tuesday, May 13, 2008


so yesterday was well i dont know the word exactly but it couldnt have felt any more real, relaxed, and right. continuing on, not many would understand, but it just made me really really happy to be that moment all day long.

woke up laid in bed for quite some time lets just say 1:30ishy.
got all ready with no plans but bowling that nite with my mom, brother and karleen.
by 2ishy me and james were pretty much starving,
but he suggests that we go get hurry curry.
since figuring out something BETTER to eat, i went with the flow.
besides i like being that way from simi cuz theres just more possibilities to flourish with.
FINALLY figured out my PERFECT dish there since the past several times ive been, ive tried something new and it just was never right, delicious, or the right size/price.
james gets his same ol same ol yummy chicken katsu curry.
while i got the light eaters WITHOUT the shredding chicken [cuz that just soaked up all the curry] with extra sliced hard boiled egg. AND stealing JUST one slice of katsu from james.
he hates it but too bad. i hate throwing away half my meal cuz of limited space.

there was this lady with a exposed saggy midsection drinking a saketini with a straw.
there was this gross korean couple WAY too loud for my non-korean taste.
there was this asian guy parking his "suped up" porche that he probably bought with his grandfathers old money. he could NOT not look at his car as he was walking away from it... i think he reparked it twice. and his gf already left across the street to their destination. get over it you azn compensator. ugh ugly.

so after feasting i had a cup of tea, and taught james the korean word for digest.
hes really good at retaining random phrases that ive taught him.
walked around in those stores of japanese creations.
james bot a mario mushroom piggy bank, scared me with a mannequin, and kept farting pretty loud in this aisle with sake cups.
giant robot and giant robot 2 are stores id like to visit, if i had magical loose change appearing in my car every day.

i found this flyer for this store across from where we were that features japanese photo booths.
SO EXCITED since the only other one i knew of was in el monte, i took james there as a surprise detour.
kinda nervous that he wouldnt be feeling it..
but after our first "photo shoot" and editing.
he was pretty much game.
i love him.
i think we were in there for.....
an hour and a half for just 3 sessions.

drove back home while hes playing final fantasy 12 or 8 or 11 on his psp.
that he had named all the characters after his friends and me :P
met up with desiree, my mom, karleen, and donny for some bowling balls which was a new and hilarious experience.
came home, snoodled and watched some good ol intervention.
then lights out.

honestly its those simple, silly, relaxing days with james where its not the fact that he is just my "boyfriend" but the fact that i am me and he is him.
and we are being us together that really makes me count my blessings when it comes to him...

his favorite one that he edited in the one with the king tut tombs or whatever. lol but theyre all pretty much ridiculous.

eureka! ive really found my loverface. <3

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