Saturday, May 10, 2008

not my typical friday.

i was pretty sound asleep even after james left for work esp with the gloomy mornings that forelongs my sleeping in-ness.
but was waken wayy too early [10am] by my mother not understanding anything about her physical exam forms she had to fill out for her new job.
so i rolled out of bed took boomer and drove to my moms house to help her out.
so fustrating cuz i dont know what tuberculous or measels are in korean...
so with the help of a korean/english dictionary, we finish.
though she calls up her "bff" who im not so fond of, to ask her what her surgery she had in 2001 was called.
her "bff" tells her that you dont have to list anything if its past 4-5 years.
which is BULLSHIT cuz IM THE ONE sitting right in front of the paper that says list all operations including the year. and it DOES NOT specify within 4 years.
ESPECIALLY FOR THE FACT that my mom is apply at a hospital where it would be kinda CRUCIAL to know all details.
but my mom listens to her "bff"
i get pissed.
my mom gets clueless.
i moved on and got over it.
my moms nieghbor had her newborn granddaughter over so me and my mom went to have a looksee.
seeing little tiny babies is like.... humbling.
its crazy to think how this human was conceived, birthed, and now eating breathing and shitting on their own.
little fingers. little toes. miniture minimes.
i for one am not one to really googoogaagaa babies or kids.
but every once in a while, they melt my heart.
however i know ill be gunho my kids a helluvalot better than you kid and ill list every reason why kind of a mom.
but lets not think of that cuz that aint happening anyyyy time soon.
the mean crooked tooth neighbor dog bombards boomer which causes boomer to piss everywhere then lead to that dog humping the shit out of boomer...
wtf DOG getouttahere...
so i get home an hour or so later. crawl back into bed and snoodled with boomer, my personal portable adorable furnace that you just have to walk feed and love, try to regain some shut eye.
but after 11am at this household, its almost beyond impossible.
so i lay in bed dozing in and outta sleep til abouttttt 2:30pm :P
sometimes when im laying or sitting on the computer, my mind completely forgets the fact that i havent consumed any food at all.
5pm rolls around and i start getting ready for work.
driving to work i realize that ill prob pass out carrying food in the middle of the floor due to my stomach turning inside out.
i eat a bread roll with bbq sauce. diddledaddle. get one table. 2 hours later it aint getting any busier. so i ask to go home after making 13 bucks. woot.
got to see james for a good min before hes off to practice.
i sit on the comp, empty still, doing some serious searching for my next tattoo.
desiree finally convinces me to come out so we can eat.
after stuffing an in and out doubledouble animal style no spread sub mustard and ketchup selfishly to my dome, me and desiree had no other plans.
other than this "party".
alondra has this boyfriend that i met yesterday at bestbuy and it seems like everyone in my grade back in simi high knew of him cept me, desiree, and even alondra herself.
well it was his birthday bashy kinda tonite at his friends house.
so i hesistantly went to this "house party" that i havent attending in quite some time.
so we walked through the front door accompanied by waleed and enter into a sitting room with white carpet with faint pink furniture [i think] and this white cat.
not that i HATE cats... but cats to me bring this evil demon vibe whenever they stare at me.
trust me our cat at my house, farrah, she prob kitty hexes me 24/7.
wellllllll this white cat was in the most awkward evilist position and eerie area in that room.. and freaked me out...
waleed said to ignore it, so we go to pass by til it does this freak out lunge at us...
anyways point is.... freakyfreaky.
everyone was outside in the cold.
i spot a beerbong table. so against drinking liquids after a object was bounced off the floor then "rinsed" in dirty water. bluuuh.
then my eyeballs were ambushed with a lot of familiar faces.
plenty to be surprised to see and greet.
a few to happily ignore.
total flash back to simi high 03 and "those good old days" again.
honestly didnt really think that any would recognize me with my chameleon face.
if you've seen my ID and credit card pics in my wallet.
[maybe its just a picture thing how my face changes...?? whatevs]
it was nice considering i havent been in that kind of situation in AGES.
strange how this little city can hide people so well.
totally not how my fridays go.
we were suppose to try to go to this jazz club in chinatown, but karmo fell asleep and it was too late to go anyways.
besides all i kept imagining were those gas prices signs with the numbers $5.00 on it.
big ol turn off to do anything.
so well im at home, chatting with chanelle, and waiting to snoodle with my sexy loverface.
now THATS typical. :D

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