Saturday, May 24, 2008


i guess what catalyzed this week was tuesday when eunice texts me to come out to cinespace in LA.
i instantly rallied up karmo since shes been asking for me to take her to an electroclubbo.
of course many follows one with our friends.
jen, bambi, micheal, rob, and chinks came along.
blahbalh guestlist closes at 11. blahbalhba
entry fee sucks crapholes.
since were there and we were there for a reason, we enter.
a little crowded but could have been worse.
i wished royal rumble and chanelle and her peoples were there since thats what im used to with music like so.
so alp de ap was there and karmita told me he was half flipino??
ballsy i went to up him tapped him on the shoulder and said

me: your from black eyed peas right??
him: yeh!
me: youre half flipino??
him: yeh! [showed me his belt buckle of their flag i guess]
me: wtf?! really i thought the tall long hair guy was!
him: nah! hes half mexican and indian
him: yeh! are you flipino?
me: HAHAH no:
him: oh...
me: but your not william.
him: nah!

and so i said cool and went off...
im gonna say im hardly star struck.
unless theyre on my list of faves.
so yah cinespace was funnn.

weds hung out with desiree, then somehow got smuggled into going $1 bowling.
hahahahah i seriously suck at bowling.
that was fun and a bit eventful.
considering ann being my IV tube and draining miller high life into my body.
but it was cool.

thursday went northridge mall with desiree and rene.
later went to suki 7 to party for ninays birthday.
ninay being karmita and karleens middle sister.
hahahahah she turned 55. lol
suki 7. never been but never would eat there.
cept their edamame. cuz they had garlic on them and it was bomb.
they turn into a club at night?
it was pretty fun.
drank way too much shit i havent drank in a long time.
surfer on acid. patron. a suped up starry night.
thats all i can remember drinking. bad.
actually i cant really remember that night in actual sequence which is lame cuz im really good at that even being wasted.
but those younger days are gone i guess.
then my friend got a dui.
some of us went to karmos house to wait to pick him up from jail.
but then got into this deep conversation about evolution and souls and stuff til like 4 something in the morning.
even tho he called at 2 something to get picked up.

it was a fun week.
cept that im sick.

uhm. im kinda done right now....

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