Thursday, May 15, 2008

red fish.

4 thumbs up from me and desiree.
loved the ambiance.
loved my vodka, poma, cran with 2 limes.
not so much on the ceaser salad mainly cuz it wasnt chopped up, dressing too creamy, teeny tiny croutons, and square parmesan. exact opposite of what how i like my ceaser.
we ordered the lobster mac and cheese that ive heard SO much about.
then this primie steak that was blacken/seasoned like a mofo with melted goat cheese with a side of sauteed corn and mushrooms.
all of that, BOMBEE.
there were toasted bread crumbs on the mac and cheese.
the goat cheese is perfect for that seasoned steak. bleu cheese crumbles would be alittle too much...?
then the corn was awesomepossom.
ate the apple cobbler with "geleto" on top.
over all.
bombdotcom over at red fish.
you gotta try it.
a bit pricey, tho i thought it was worth it.

we didnt like this host girl staring at us more than half the time.

ps i wish i was there with chanelle and mike when they came up with "nonohohojojo". :T


Chanelle said...

it was definitely all mike on that one. it went like this

chanelle: nono aka ho ho.....blahblahiheioheioie

mike: nonohohojojo

chanelle: LOL

Chanelle said...

so u didnt miss much and i really wanna try that place now!!