Monday, May 19, 2008

santa monica bliss.

so its our unofficial hot spot for me and james i guess.
yesterday [sunday] was a hot day with no plans at all.
james suggest that we should hit up 3rd street since we havent in quite a while.
drive was smooth EXCEPT this one part on the 405 where all lanes slammed their brakes at the same time.
i had no idea what caused the sudden traffic, but driving in the fast lane next to the carpool lane, my answer was given.
i see the cars in the carpool lane having the merge into my lane...
and i see one of those larger lexus SUV [not the rs300's] stopped with the emergencies on.
slowly letting cars go in front of me i was curious slash rubbernecking wtf happened.
cuz i see no other cars stopped with it, or see that it slammed into the center divider...
until i actually PASSED the car.
it looked like SOMETHING had fallen from the SKY and smashed the front windshield and the top of the windshield roof.
but the craziest thing is that i saw NOTHING to have caused that.
all fenders and bumpers were intact cept the roof and window...
sooo mind boggling...

moving on...
we got down to 4th street and saw the active store that me and james forgot that it has opened.
excited, we parked.
i guess they were having this wesc spin the wheel extravaganza; if you bot a wesc item u can spin the wheel for a prize.
james spotted a dope jacket to buy, i found a cute tshirt.
the guy was hilarious and didnt really seem to care about the wheel besides getting rid of all the prizes asap.
so he let james spin the wheel and it landed on headphones.
ironically james wanted headphones but they only had pink left or something.
so the guy, spinning the wheel slowly, asks james what he really wants from the wheel of wesc.
james says "demin".
fabulous choice. so he digs in the box of jeans.
while after i purchased my shirt, he didnt even bother spinning the wheel, he just told me to go pick whatever.
james got new wesc jeans that fits him wonderfully.
and i pick out white wesc skinny jeans.
it was a happy day for us considering how much those jeans really cost.

we finally walk down 3rd street, which isnt really that great at all anyways.
saw this HUGE black and white great dane that made me googoogaagaa all over.
fortified my goal to have one sometime in my lifetime.
we kept spotting this buff white fabio kinda guy with his shirt off and longer surfer blonde hair every where we went.
and all that buff guy did was strut as if his very one soundtrack was playing in his head.
later when we saw him on the way back to our car,
i asked james "why?"
james said "drugs".
we fell upon wasteland which i had no idea was there since it was on 4th street.
got a couple goodies there.

and then we were off to HURRYCURRY once again.
it was seriously so delish.
some sapporo and sake later we were buzzed.
made our stop to japanese land to take pics.
almost karaoke.
james downed 2 sake bottles from the liquor store in the car drive home.
and it was all sillynanny from there on.
i love santa monica.
lovely, lovely day.

seriously. james is getting soo good at editing these... its funny.
like the horse face, donuts, and the money with fast food on the desk.

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electric eunice said...

haha i LOVE.

yay for blogspot. i see why we're best friends :)

oh and i'm super jealous about the wesc freebees, i have to hit up active more often :)